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In a significant move to bolster educational standards and community involvement in the Oti Region, the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) has announced the formation of District for All Teams (DEFATs) in the Jasikan and Guan Districts. This initiative aims to create a robust and inclusive framework to address educational challenges and promote quality learning for all students.


The DEFATs are composed of a diverse group of stakeholders, including officials from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), retired educationists, teachers, assembly members, and leaders of faith-based organisations from both districts. This inclusive approach ensures that the DEFATs will benefit from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, fostering comprehensive and sustainable solutions to local educational issues.


At the workshop, representatives from GNECC emphasized the importance of community involvement in education.


During a presentation, the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at GNECC, Fredibelle Dodoo touched on the importance of stakeholder advocacy in education and admonished the DAFATs not to relent in their efforts at ensuring a comprehensive campaign to ensure the delivery of quality education in their respective districts.


According to the Oti Regional Chairman of GNECC, Winfred Odonkor, the formation of the DEFATs is a testament to GNECCs commitment to enhancing education through collaborative efforts.


"By bringing together a diverse group of individuals, we are confident that we can address the unique challenges faced by schools in the Jasikan and Guan Districts." He said.


The DEFATs will focus on several key areas, including improving access to education, enhancing teaching and learning conditions, and fostering community engagement in educational activities. They will work closely with local schools, parents, and other stakeholders to identify and address specific needs and challenges.


Retired educationists and teachers bring valuable experience and insights to the teams, helping to guide effective strategies and interventions. Assembly members and leaders of faith-based organisations will play crucial roles in mobilizing community support and resources, ensuring that the initiatives are well-received and supported at the grassroots level.


Local NGO representatives will contribute their expertise in project management and community development, helping to implement and monitor the various initiatives undertaken by the DEFATs. Their involvement is expected to enhance the efficiency and impact of the programs, ensuring that they reach the intended beneficiaries and achieve the desired outcomes.


The formation of DEFATs has been met with enthusiasm and optimism by the local communities. "This initiative is a much-needed step towards improving our educational system," said a community leader from Jasikan. "We are excited to see the positive changes that will come from this collaborative effort."


As the DEFATs begin their work, they will engage in regular consultations with stakeholders, conduct needs assessments, and develop action plans tailored to the specific context of each district. Their activities will be closely monitored and evaluated to ensure continuous improvement and accountability.


The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition remains committed to supporting the DEFATs and providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed. The formation of these teams marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance education in the Oti Region, paving the way for a brighter future for all students in the Jasikan and Guan Districts.


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