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Greater Accra Region


The Greater Accra Region is a key member of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, playing a crucial role in promoting education and advocating for educational reforms in Ghana. As one of the most developed regions in the country, Greater Accra has a significant influence on educational policies and initiatives at the national level.

Role within the Coalition

As a key member of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, the Greater Accra Region actively participates in shaping educational strategies, mobilizing resources, and implementing programs aimed at improving access to quality education for all Ghanaians. The region collaborates with other stakeholders within the coalition to address challenges facing the education sector and works towards achieving sustainable development goals related to education.


Initiatives and Programs

The Greater Accra Region implements various initiatives and programs as part of its contribution to the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition. These may include:

  1. Advocacy Campaigns: The region engages in advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of education, promote inclusive policies, and lobby for increased government investment in education.

  2. Capacity Building: Through training workshops, seminars, and capacity-building programs, the region equips educators, policymakers, and community leaders with the necessary skills to drive positive change in the education sector.

  3. Community Engagement: Greater Accra actively involves local communities in decision-making processes related to education, fostering collaboration between schools, parents, and other stakeholders to enhance learning outcomes.

  4. Research and Data Analysis: The region conducts research studies and data analysis to identify gaps in the education system, assess progress towards educational goals, and inform evidence-based policy recommendations.


Impact and Achievements

Through its active participation in the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, the Greater Accra Region has made significant strides in advancing educational opportunities for its residents. Some of the notable achievements include improved literacy rates, increased school enrollment rates, enhanced teacher training programs, and better infrastructure development in schools across the region.

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