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GNECC Constitution

The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is a coalition of various organizations in Ghana that work together to advocate for quality education and the protection of children’s rights to education. The coalition operates based on a constitution that outlines its structure, objectives, and guiding principles.


The constitution of GNECC likely defines the organizational structure of the coalition, including its leadership positions, decision-making processes, and membership criteria. It may detail how members interact with each other and how the coalition engages with external stakeholders.


The constitution would articulate the core objectives of GNECC, which are likely centered around promoting access to quality education for all children in Ghana. This includes advocating for policies that support public education, monitoring educational developments in the country, and raising awareness about issues affecting education.

Guiding Principles:

The guiding principles outlined in the constitution would reflect the values and beliefs that underpin GNECC’s work. These principles may include a commitment to upholding children’s rights to education, promoting equity and inclusivity in the education system, and working towards a more transparent and accountable educational environment.

Overall, the constitution of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition serves as a foundational document that governs the operations, goals, and values of the coalition as it strives to improve education outcomes in Ghana.

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