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Projects Overview

GNECC collaborates with various partners and donors to implement projects aimed at enhancing the quality of education in the country. Some of the ongoing projects by GNECC include partnerships with organizations such as USAID SAGES, EOL, ANCEFA, KNDLC, and Galop.


The Strengthening Accountability and Governance in Education Systems (SAGES) project funded by USAID aims to improve the quality of education in Ghana by enhancing accountability and governance within the education sector. The project focuses on strengthening systems for monitoring and evaluation, as well as promoting transparency and accountability in educational institutions.

EOL Project: 

The Education Out Loud (EOL) project is a global fund dedicated to supporting civil society efforts to advance the right to education. GNECC’s involvement in the EOL project likely includes advocacy initiatives, capacity building programs, and community engagement activities aimed at promoting inclusive and equitable education in Ghana.


ANCEFA Partnership: 

The African Network Campaign on Education For All (ANCEFA) is a regional coalition advocating for quality education for all in Africa. GNECC’s partnership with ANCEFA may involve collaborative efforts to address educational challenges specific to Ghana while aligning with broader continental goals related to education access and quality.


KNDLC Collaboration:

The KDNLC project, led by the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, is a coalition and impact network aimed at transforming education systems to provide children and young people with holistic learning opportunities. The project seeks to address the challenges faced by today’s youth, including the climate crisis, conflicts, authoritarianism, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. By focusing on developing critical-thinking, creative, and collaborative skills, the KDNLC aims to prepare children and youth to navigate complex issues and drive positive change in their communities.

Galop Initiative: 

The Galop initiative, which could refer to a specific program or project within GNECC’s portfolio, likely targets a particular aspect of education reform or development in Ghana. This initiative may involve innovative approaches, research endeavors, or advocacy campaigns aimed at addressing critical issues within the education sector.

In conclusion, GNECC’s involvement in these diverse projects reflects its commitment to advancing educational outcomes in Ghana through strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, capacity-building programs, and community engagement activities.

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