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KDNCL Project:

The Knowing Doing Network Leadership Coalition is a global movement network for learning and action on education system transformation in support of inclusive and holistic learning.


Made up of actors from across education ecosystems, both locally and globally, this "network of networks" will facilitate information sharing, promote collaborative knowledge creation, foster capacity strengthening, and coordinate actors and actions across multiple networks to catalyze systemic change.


KDNLC will work in partnership with the Center for Universal Education (CUE) to co-construct the agenda, structure, and methodology to weave together CUE’s existing and emerging networks and connect them to broader systems transformation efforts.


Activities under the KDNLC Project


  1. Attend and actively participate in up to 3 virtual meetings per month (approximately 5–6 hours per month). These may include plenary meetings with all members of the KDNLC as well as working group or committee meetings.

  2. Actively participate in asynchronous activities as needed (approximately 10–12 hours per month). These may include developing content and/or providing feedback in written, audio, or video formats.

  3. Participate in in-person convenings of the KDNLC or related to the KDNLC’s work. This may include international travel up to twice a year (travel expenses covered by Brookings).

  4. Share learning and experience in the KDNLC with GNECC members and other like-minded CSOs.

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