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The regional chapters of GNECC are actively involved in advocacy and lobbying efforts to influence education policies and practices at the regional level. They engage with local government officials, education authorities, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about key education issues, such as access to quality education, teacher training, infrastructure development, and curriculum reform. By advocating for policy changes and reforms, the regional chapters work towards improving the overall quality of education in their respective regions.


Another important function of the regional chapters is capacity building within local communities. They organize training workshops, seminars, and conferences to empower teachers, parents, students, and community members with knowledge and skills related to education advocacy, monitoring, and evaluation. By building the capacity of local stakeholders, the regional chapters strengthen their ability to actively participate in decision-making processes and hold duty-bearers accountable for providing quality education services.


Again, the regional chapters of GNECC also play a critical role in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of education policies and programs in their regions. They collect data, conduct research, and assess the impact of various interventions on educational outcomes. By monitoring progress and identifying challenges, the regional chapters provide valuable feedback to policymakers and educators to inform evidence-based decision-making and improve education delivery.

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