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Oti Region Marks 2024 GAWE

As part of activities marking the 2024 Global Action Week for Education, the Oti regional chapter of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition held a detailed meeting with the Oti Regional Director of Education, Nana Kugbeadzor-Bakateyi II, to discuss issues of infrastructure that are gravely affecting basic schools in the Oti region.

The coalition presented the case of Odormitor D/A Basic School in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region whose classroom infrastructure is in a dilapidated state and also destroyed by rains each year.

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is the key infrastructure financing source for the education sector. The 25% capping and securitization of portions of GETFund, excessive focus on secondary and tertiary, and liquidity issues causing delayed and inadequate release of the DACF affect the ability of the government to build basic schools.

Between 2017 and today, GETFund has initiated an average of 0.8 basic school projects in every district per year, with less than half completed.

The Director pledged her commitment to ensure, the revamping of basic school infrastructure in the region.

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